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Not as effective as I hoped.

I LOVE the chewable gummies. It is the easiest way to take magnesium. However, I take about 1200 mg daily. I used Puritan's Pride magnesium citrate. They were big pills and hard to swallow so I was thrilled at the idea of gummies. Unfortunately, though either the milligrams are not accurately measured or my body cannot absorb this magnesium type. Although I took even more milligrams (2000), the effect was not sufficient and I had to go back to my original big pills. BUT they are tasty and wonderfully easy to take. If they work for you, keep it up!

These taste amazing!

Dr. Moritz Sugar-Free 400 mg Magnesium Gummies:

Magnesium citrate gummies,
A tasty way to get your daily dose,
400mg of magnesium,
In every bite, it's quite close.
With a tart but naturally sweet raspberry flavor,
These gummies are a treat you'll savor.
Magnesium is important,
For your bones and heart,
It helps with muscle function,
And can help you sleep from the start.
So if you're looking for a way,
To get your magnesium in,
These gummies are a great choice,
And they taste like a sweet little win.

Probiotics for Kids - Probiotic Gummies Sugar Free, 2.5 Billion CFU, 2 Pack

Night time game changer

I love the taste of these cute teddy gummies. And they work slept like a baby definitely buying again.

The safety seal was damaged

We tried Vitamin D3 gummies by @dr._moritz formulated for both kids AND adults. We all loved them because well, they’re fruity and tasty. They look like DOTS candy but taste muuuuch better 😊 They’re also gluten-free, non GMO, low calorie and GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice— made and packaged in the U.S. with FDA approval) Also, ICYMI, vitamin D3 is good for:Boosting immunity, Helping keep bones strong,Improving your mood,Helping with weight management 🙌🎉

easy to swallow but the kids dont really like the flavor at all((

I love because it sugar free

This vitamins are made using a vegetarian formula and they are also gelatin and sugar free.I love it


For being sugar free the taste is good. Many other gummys have added sugars to taste better so since these have no sugar I think the flavor is good.

a little sweet

good taste but a little sweet

Kids Multivitamin Gummies
Katherine England

Not effective and my son did not like smell of this gummies.

It is so important for us to help keep the girlie bears and their immune systems strong; especially during these wintery months. I recently discovered and purchased this Vitamin D3 Kids Gummies and could not be happier with their product.

I was hoping for better result and benefits

Not effective for me

Good taste but not effective for my digestive

my daughter had very sesntive gutm and this product helped her. But it need 2 gummies daily, 1 wasnot enoug

Great for inflammatory bowel disease

Probiotics are a popular natural remedy for kids. My son had, inflammatory bowel disease. Our doctor recommended to take probitocs. So I decided to buy this one and it has realy great results . After taking for 1 weeks our disease was gone .. Gret recommended

I liked this prodcut, finally I found the thin wich helped my digestion and overall gut health.

texture is great but the taste and smell bed

Easy Way to Get Probiotic Benefits

Probiotics are great for digestive and immune support and gummies are an easy way to get all the benefits of probiotics. These gummies have a delicious berry flavor and I like that they are made with only fruit and no added sugars. The expiration date is 04/2024 and with two gummies a day, the bottle will last a month.

when I order firs bottle it was great, it is my second bottle and not effective as first. Don’t buy it again

Very effective product

I use this gummies daily for my daughetr and would by again, because it helpes her guts so much

I always used orbiotics . i was used several brands and found these to be less effective than others.

Good ! My son loves this

I order it for my 6 years old son, and after 3 days of taking this sweet gummies, we both noticed that his stomach feels better.

My 5 year old girl loves these vitamins gummy

I wam waiting mu pruchase for a long time and finally when I got it , my son ssaid that it has terribel taste. Don’t order again