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1) Are DR. MORITZ Magnesium suitable for my diet?

"Totally! These gummies are completely sugar-free. They don't increase your blood sugar levels and are diabetic-, keto-, and LCHF-friendly.
Chicory root is also a valuable source of fiber, which is extremely beneficial for your digestive system."

2) Are these really sugar-free? Will my children like the taste of them?

"Our Magnesium Sugar-Free Gummies contain only 2 g of carbohydrates per bottle!
But your children will surely enjoy their fruity raspberry flavor derived from a completely natural source of raspberry."

3) Does the Magnesium supplement by Dr. Moritz contain any food preservatives?

No chemical food preservatives are used, only sodium citrate (natural salt of citric acid), and carnauba wax.

4) Does the Magnesium supplement by Dr. Moritz contain any oils and allergens?

Out Magnesium supplements are oil-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, nut allergen-free, fish allergen-free, gelatin-free and soy-free.

5) Can this Magnesium supplement be used as a part of the ADHD treatment?

"These Magnesium gummies can be used as a part of the ADHD treatment due to the following facts:
- magnesium citrate is an effective natural supplement for stress and anxiety relief, improving sleep quality and concentration;
- no sugar causes no increase in the blood sugar levels, which means no additional source of agitation and frustration compared to similar supplements by other brands;
- high-quality raw materials have a positive effect on the digestive system, which is always a great advantage for the overall physical condition."