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Pure and Natural

We’re believers in using the right natural ingredients. Mother Earth has already given us everything we need, so we never have to rely on chemicals. The closer to nature the product is, the more your body will know what to do with its ingredients. Our goal is to bring all of the earth’s healthful nutrients to you. We use only certified raw materials which we grow on our farms, or source from global manufacturers. All our ingredients are natural, pure and safe. Enjoy the benefits of nature.



We take our choices of ingredients very seriously, opting to select only the premium quality ingredients that are the most effective, considering the body’s natural ability to absorb them to maximum extent. We prioritize quality at every step. All our products are non-allergic, vegetarian, non-gmo and gluten free.

In recent years, we’ve shifted our efforts not only towards creating innovative formulas, but refining their strength, with ingredients grown in ecologically clean regions, to obtain powerful, safe, and effective supplements that simply work. We never stop at what has been achieved, constantly improving research and refining our formulas.

We care about your wellness

We care deeply about people and their nutritional well-being. The general mission of the Dr. Moritz company is to help people improve their health, improve their quality of life, and gain longevity using natural, effective dietary supplements in their daily diet. Good health and safety of our customers is an essential part of our values.