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Dr. Moritz Cares About Our Planet



It’s time for all of us to consider our footprint and ability to reduce the waste and its effects on the environment. At Dr. Moritz we think about our planet. That’s why we support an international carbon offset project.  Every tonne of CO2 offset there, enables the Plastic Bank initiative to stop 10 kg of plastic waste before entering the ocean.  The ocean stores a quarter of the CO2 from the atmosphere and over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the sea every year. That’s why we’ve decided to support this ocean cleanup project. More details you can find here

We developed an eco-friendly product – our Vegan Omega 3 softgels. Eco-friendly products are products that are not harmful to the environment. These are products made from organic and all-natural ingredients. They also come in recyclable compostable, or biodegradable packaging.

Together with ClimatePartner, we have measured the carbon emissions that occur during the manufacture of our Vegan Omega through raw materials, packaging, logistics and disposal: this is known as the Product Carbon Footprint.

Carbon footprint estimates the total emission volume of greenhouse gases — those gases in our atmosphere that trap and release heat, and contribute to climate change.  A carbon footprint is based on life cycle assessment (LCA) but focuses on the single issue of global warming.

Carbon dioxide traps heat emitted by both the sun and the Earth's surface — and releases that heat into our atmosphere and lead to raise the average surface temperature of the planet.

We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions from our Vegan Omega by supporting a carbon offset project. As a result, this product is certified carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company, product, service or event has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is an important step in effective climate action, alongside avoidance and reduction.  ClimatePartner's label "carbon neutral" certifies that residual greenhouse gas emissions have been offset. You can find Climate id tracking of Dr. Moritz here